Wanna Work Together?

Hire me to either:

  1. Create a piece of art/design ($1000+). Most people who hire me either come up with a fresh new thing/idea or come to me with something they like about my previous work and want their own spin on it. You don’t have to know what you want at first. Helping you figure it out is part of my gig. I typically don’t go lower than $1,000, because I love exploring detail and emotion, and I want to make sure I have the time and freedom to get you the piece you really want.

  2. Facilitate conflict ($90/hr). I’ve been in the mental hospital, struggled with anxiety, depression and insomnia, have been diagnosed bipolar, and am also a person. I get out of bed every day and run a business and have a job at an architecture firm which I love. My friends are way rad, I don’t drink, and I’m generally a good sport about life, all while also having a physical disability aka bum ankle from a botched surgery. After understanding much of the above and helping other people get through their own issues, I’d love to listen to what you’ve got going on (maybe it’s similar to the above, maybe it’s totally different) and come up with some solutions on what you can do next. Some people have said an hour or two with me is great, and that’s all they needed. Some people are ongoing. 24 hour cancellation fee. On Skype or in person.

I’ve been studying conflict resolution, meditation, and general awareness practices for six years now. It’s been an incredible ride and I’m super stoked about where I’m at. That being said, what I offer is not a substitute for medical services. I’m no doctor. That being said, if you’re interested in working together and want to get a feel for who I am, click on the podcast link at the top of my page and give a listen.