Hey, I'm Damian Oleksiuk, and this is my home base internetska station.

I currently host Undam The River :: a mental health podcast + I also make conflict inspired art.

The pod is me talking mental health struggles, stories, and breakthroughs with someone else who's got 'em too. Six years ago I admitted myself into the psych hospital after an out of nowhere unmanageable bout of insomnia. Since then, I've been diagnosed with cyclothymia (chronic, bipolar light), and I've also understood enough of how I operate in order to have a decent grasp on day to day livin. My pod guests have rocked similar stories, and we dive into what it's like to have mental health stuff on the day to day.

My BIG CONCRETE MISSION is to design holistic mental health hospitals/centers that help people to resolve extreme states and find the freedom to create more meaningful, stable, and healthy lives (I'll also design other spaces that help ease people's nervous systems).

I started this site cause I love to create, and I wanna be part of making mental health easier for us and those kids a comin. I don't think this issue is going away anytime soon, it effects people in devastating ways, and I also think that under every hardship is a person and hopefully this pod is a good spark.

To those of you suffering hard, I got very little good advice for you, but I will say... give 'keep going' a shot. If not for you then for mental health in general. Those who have it worst - we need your help to figure this shit out.

Stay sane(ish) out there.



Based out of Oakland, California.