Hi, my name is Damian, and I work at the intersection of design and conflict.

I've been passionate about design since I was a kid - I loved to draw and play with legos, was two years ahead of my class in math, and dreamed of becoming an architect. Currently, I create pen and ink drawings and custom planters for homes, businesses, and most recently, hospitals.

I'm driven to work with and resolve conflict because of my personal experience with atypical neurodiversity (aka mental health). I've helped myself and others use the energy of anxiety, depression, extreme states, relationship issues, body issues, creativity blocks and more to redirect "stuck" behaviors into new projects and healthier relationships.

My BIG CONCRETE MISSION is to design a holistic mental health hospital/center that helps people to resolve extreme states and find the freedom to create more meaningful, stable, and healthy lives (along with designing other buildings that inspire people and help ease their nervous systems as well).

Want to hear my interview with Nicole Antoinette of Real Talk Radio? Click here.

I'm currently available for design jobs as well as conflict resolution work. For more info, check out the tabs above or you can get a hold of me at:


Based out of Oakland, California.